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I’m on a mission to help your small business do great things

Coaching, masterminds, presentations, and workshops on 6 key areas of your business

You know how this story goes; it’s the story of the founding of our local towns. You may have seen it in the movie It’s a Wonderful Life. George and Mary Bailey were pollinators–local business owners whose business was to make other people successful. Profits stay local, and equity, not debt, builds up the community. It’s a Wonderful Financial Life! and it starts with you making your small business a big success.

My background is in professional development. I worked as a Director of Training & Development and have an MS in Ed. with a specialization in Training and Performance Improvement. I have many certifications in best-in-class personal and professional development programs. 

As a Learning Professional, I know that making complex subjects simple is a high art form of instruction, and being able to integrate different subjects into a unified vision is mastery. Business Made Simple is simply the Best of the Best.