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Targeted “Best-in-Class” Learning Support
By Your Guide.

Pollinator Business Coaching offers customized business learning support so you can achieve breakthrough success.

Engage your audience with the power of story

Install a complete business operating system

Fire up your marketing and sales processes

The high failure rate of small businesses has a ripple effect that makes the whole community poorer.

Too many small business owners don’t have a playbook to follow. Let’s instill a simple framework designed to help you grow your business beyond your expectations. Your success will enrich your entire local community.

Accelerate your business growth and take worries off your plate

Fill your pipeline

See greater engagement with sales and marketing

Optimize how you operate

Become a business on a clear mission

Gain a clear focus

Know exactly what to do next for the greatest impact


The complexity is daunting, and the pressures don’t let up, but there is a better way.

My name is Frank Medlar. I know how hard running a business can be and how much is at stake in your success or failure. As a coach and trainer, I had multiple certifications in best-in-class programs, but I was clueless about how to market, sell, and package what I had to offer.

Few things are more empowering than finally having the vital knowledge you wish you’d had before. Now, as a certified Business Made Simple Coach, I know what makes a business work. It’s actually simple, once you know how.

Along with Business Made Simple, I offer these Best-in-Class learning programs in a comprehensive business curriculum:

TypeCoach – Emotional Intelligence at your fingertips. Tools and personality type training that take the guesswork out of how to inspire, sell to, lead, coach, influence, or collaborate with any personality type.

David Allen’s game-changing Getting Things Done (GTD) productivity principles take you from chaos to coherence. I also draw on my expertise as an Executive Function coach and in using systems visualization.

Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace budgeting system has helped millions of families and small businesses learn how to make their money work for them.

The HeartMath® system leading edge techniques and feedback technology for managing stress and emotions at the physiological level ; programs include The Resilience Advantage and Activating the Heart of Teams.

I have an MS in Education with a specialization in Training and Performance Improvement. I can be your trusted guide to business learning.

You’ll learn how to…

  • Be a thriving small business owner and entrepreneur
  • Break out of any rut with proven systems
  • Focus on the activities that drive growth and profitability

Coaching Packages

It is easy to get started, and simple.


Take the Business Made Simple courses (1 year license) with quarterly check-ins.


1:1 Business

Business Made Simple plus weekly coaching to address your most pressing business needs.


Flight School Mastermind Group

Accelerate your growth with a group of like-minded leaders and double your revenue.

$795/ 6 payments

Love of Selling

Personalize Your Selling with Business Made Simple, TypeCoach Adaptive Sales, and HearthMath emotional management.

$1,000 per person

How it works

The process is simple

Take The Assessment

Start with a thorough diagnostic of the current state of your business. Take the MyBusinessReport Assessment for free.

Schedule A Consultation

We’ll thoroughly debrief your Report and identify key challenges and how to solve them.

Grow Your Business

We’ll start coaching plan to revolutionize how you operate, grow, and talk about your company.
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FREE Business Assesment

You are cleared for take-off.

The MyBusiness Report Assessment you will guide you through rating your preparedness on 6 key business functions: Leadership, Marketing, Sales, Product Optimization, Overhead and Operations, and Cash Flow.

Your customized Report will give you 38 pages of detailed information about what is limiting your business and how to fix it! The Report is free. The knowledge is invaluable.

woman in gray long sleeve shirt and black pants sitting on black chair

Small businesses are built to do great things.

When you know how to make a business work, you’ll see opportunities that would never have occurred to you before. I provide coaching, education, and guidance to small business leaders that let you seize moments that would have passed you by and take your small business beyond your expectations.